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Champion Your Radiance Workshop 2016

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Champion Your Radiance! Is 2016 the year you focus on you? Are you ready to deepen your relationship with yourself and reconnect with what you love? I can help you find the courage, confidence, and clarity you need to embrace your life in a way that is fulfilling, heartfelt and joyfilled. Come spend a Saturday […]

Your Essence

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She knows not herself A dream I had A vision I saw A hurt deep in my heart She sees not her greatness She sees not her value She sees not her possibilities Her light once radiant Once abundant Once touched everything and everyone with love and understanding and acceptance and grace …now embers barely […]

What has been True for Me…

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Is that I had what I saw as a good life. I had success. I transformed my life many times with decisions I chose to take. I’d have to say I was quite strategic and a stickler to my ultimate goals and I accomplished a lot of my personal successes. But there came a time […]

La Niobe

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La Niobe … my inspiration…is a short story I wrote in university… It has 2 settings and 1 omniscient narrator  The first setting takes place in modern time in a city      in South America. A young girl named Algazina Caligne asks you this    question, “Can you remember your birth?” Then she states […]