Personal and Professional Coaching

I believe…                                                                                   


You are the expert of your life

You are creative

You are whole, perfect and innocent at your core

Transformation occurs from the inside out

Fulfillment, which oozes of joy and happiness, radiates when you live and be from your authentic self

The richness of success abounds when you create and generate from your true essence

You are the gift you give to the world

We are all Leaders in some capacity in our lives

Your desires, wishes and dreams are blueprints to the possibilities and capacities of your life

I believe there is POWER in choice


What’s Possible at this choice point in your life?

I’m Possible


My intention is to empower you to see yourself as a gift and leader in this world. To be a thinking and strategic partner with you as you explore and awaken organically, naturally, at your own pace, to your authentic self, as you transform and realize meaningful success according to your desires.


We have conversations, in person, over the phone, or on Skype. It’s all about you. I am here to champion you. We go through the process to help you deepen your self-awareness, discover limiting and empowering beliefs, shift perspectives where a current way of seeing things may not be serving you, and explore what’s possible for your life while empowering you to action so you may implement your choices and experience your life in more enriched and powerful ways.


You are one conversation away from making a difference in your life.

Are you ready?









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You do not have to be in a “stuck” place in your life to receive coaching support. It can also help you get to the next level in the success you are currently experiencing.


Enhance what you are doing with how you are being.


A belief I share with Co-Active®, is that “At its most resonant, life is a journey of growth, evolution and transformation. “ Break through that illusive glass ceiling and reach heights you never thought possible.


When we begin our coaching together, we design an alliance which may include a collaborative strategic partnership, mentorship & sharing of information. We brainstorm together to generate what I feel is the most important part of coaching… Revealing opportunities for CHOICE…There is immense power in choice. We are constantly bombarded with choice-points in our lives. Not making a choice is a choice and choosing on autopilot does not always lead to desired results. Choosing mindfully and purposely is a key to designing and living that unlived life.


You do the work…I don’t have the answers…I support your journey and guide you on your way.



Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute session.


This is what happened for one of my clients…


When Stephanie decided to work with me, she just wanted support to be the writer she already knew she was, to tell the story she felt her audience was waiting read.




“Little did I know or fully expect, that the journey I began [with Patricia] would impact me in [the] way that it has. I was asked to assist a companion on her launch as a life coach and mentor. I entered into our agreement believing that I would learn a little bit about myself and maybe change my life views on a few things. No, instead, my very being was challenged.

My perception on how I live my life was questioned, awakened and ultimately my soul was enlightened. This four month journey has taken me on a true and thorough discovery of self; of revisiting my early onset limitations and negative perceptions.

I have learned to re-write and bring round constant positive thoughts and practices, which have now re-shaped my views on life and how I embrace the experiences of everyday, helping me to mold my desires. As I set my new intentions for living, I know that this, for me, is just the beginning.

I recommend these sessions and this journey to everyone ready for their soul to open up.

Patricia, you are thought provoking and amazing and I thank you profusely.”



Now, over one year later, Stephanie is still experiencing success as a result of the transformation that occurred. She has discovered her creativity goes well beyond her writing and she is continually exploring new ways of being creative. For example, she recently discovered ‘glass blowing’. Her experience at work is much more positive and she has had the opportunity to explore different avenues at work, including leadership. Stephanie is now enjoying a different relationship with her co-workers with whom she now feels empowered to ask for the time and space to complete her work in the way she feels she should, and still have the time to help others and share her knowledge with more clarity, confidence, and patience. Stephanie has maintained her self-care regiment of physical activity and is gifting herself often!

*Note name changed to respect client’s confidentiality.


What’s possible for you? What is the intention you have for your life?

Balance. Confidence. Reaching New Heights.

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