Champion Your Radiance

Beautiful young woman with conceptual colourful body art

Champion Your Radiance


Champion Your Radiance is a beckoning, a heralding, a calling to bring forth once again all that is feminine about you. It is an invitation to embody wisdom, beauty, sensuality, softness, grace, nurturing, creativity, intuition, deep heartfelt emotions and deep connected relationships. It asks you to harness the attributes of the collective feminine, inspired by the archetypes of the goddess and other powerful but feminine women of the ages. What is it like to be feminine and still harness the power of the masculine? Are you embracing your feminine power, an empowered state of being?



Champion Your Radiance is an interactive program for individuals who have a yearning to live from the truth of who they are. We embark on a practical journey of discovery through self-awareness, self-love, self-acceptance and self-mastery.

The various workshops focus on gaining clarity of your life purpose, bringing awareness of how your inner life informs how you experience your outer life. You are invited to harness your authentic power to engage with all parts of yourself, while working towards releasing ideas of ‘not enough-ness’.

The Champion Your Radiance workshop series is a practical experiential exploration and discovery of who you are at your core. Discover how the foundation for navigating change successfully is knowing yourself.

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Truly in this world of rapid change and ambiguity knowing who you are at your deepest core is not only a foundation but a guiding tool. It is guidance as to what’s right and what’s next for you. It helps you navigate your path with confidence and certainty.

What are some thoughts about yourself or beliefs from others that you have bought into that are now barriers to your success, happiness and relationships?

What are some aspects of yourself that you deny, hide or reject because of something that was said or modelled to you?

How does self-awareness, self-love and self-acceptance live in you? How can self-mastery help you create and live the life you desire from a place of power? How can you show up for yourself in a powerful, loving and nurturing way? How can you continually integrate all parts of yourself and start to live from the wholeness of who you are?

What’s possible? The opportunity to deepen your relationship with the one that matters the most – yourself. Reconnect with what you love. Find the courage confidence and clarity to embrace your life in a way that is fulfilling, heartfelt, and joy-filled. Attract the job you want, the romantic partner you want and more love from the relationships you have. Feel what it is to be present and alive and experience deeper joy within your life. Experience the permission, the freedom and the inner peace to ‘just be you’, to come home to yourself, to discover the ‘you’ you were born to be. Uncover the deep awareness that you have choice and experience the power in choice. You may even decide to jump in and explore a deeply held desire. I invite you to find the courage to reach beyond the illusive glass ceiling of your life.

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