Toni Carmine Salerno


“I am grateful for your support, love and guidance. You have helped me be a stronger me and that’s opened up my world to new possibilities. Thank you!” S.D’B


“Patricia is an amazing and professional coach who is passionate about helping people become everything they have dreamed of and more. Her positive energy and vibrancy is infectious and anyone lucky enough to experience her coaching services is sure to benefit immensely.” A.F.


“Working with Patricia you very quickly get a sense of safety. She goes deep and holds the space for you to meet here there.” J.P.


“Thank you for hearing me, seeing me and ‘getting’ me. The impact of your response gives me additional fuel to move forward. And that phenomenon (the way being heard at the level of our soul) can give us further energy to move into our purpose” C.P.


“Patricia is a passionate coach who blends the co-active model with her own a unique style and wisdom.  Patricia’s style involves listening to what’s going on in her client’s life and pulling themes out of the stories.  From these themes Patricia then digs down to the heart of the issue and underlying beliefs.  She is determined to help her clients eliminate any beliefs that are limiting so true transformation and forward motion can occur.  Patricia champions her clients from a place of confidence and complete sincerity helping them see a more brilliant and luminous version of themselves.

In my work with Patricia, she has helped me connect with love to my inner child, and develop many practices to foster and nourish a growing love self.  The tools Patricia uses are both mystical and heartfelt.  They give me permission to believe in the magic of the universe and myself and I love it!” Alana