“The Authentic self is the soul made visible.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach.

Have you had the experience, of feeling like the more you do in your life, the less you feel like yourself? It seems you are constantly trying to outdo yourself, trying to impress your boss, your friends, to be a perfect mom, wife… the more you try to be everything for others, the more you feel judged, or judge yourself for not being good enough or something enough, or just not enough. And then you fall into the vicious cycle of trying even harder to be more of what is expected of you and live up to those expectations and ultimately judge yourself based on the opinions of others.

Then a moment comes where you catch a glimmer of yourself and wonder where is that person now? Who are you when no one is watching? When you allow yourself to just be? What would it be like to be free to explore and embrace your desires without apology, and make choices that honour who you are at your core? What if I told you that being that authentic you is the gift that you bring to the world? What if I told you that your dreams, desires and wishes are part of the blueprint given to you at birth so you could bring your authentic self to the world? And what would it be like if like in the “Alchemist”, the universe, the goodness in life, conspires to ensure you could live your life your way, without the fear of being judged by anyone for being you? How amazing would it be if you could be the “real you” all the time? Without fear? Without judgement? What if I told you, you were born perfect and whole and that throughout your life, you actually learned to hide from the real you?

I help my clients discover themselves again. To trust that they can be true to themselves, to live whole, authentic lives with the possibility to experience joy and love in much a deeper way when being their true selves. I invite you to turn off the autopilot, pull back the veil of clouds, choose love over fear and align to your true essence. Let people see the real you. After working with me, you will know to trust yourself again. To show up for yourself as yourself, to be real, to be seen and to discover the inner power that radiates from you when you show up in your life as your true essence, your authentic self.

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