“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.” Maya Angelou

Do you feel totally nurtured by your life right now? Does your life honor your desires for yourself? Are you doing what you love? What is your deepest fear? Have you ever felt that you have to put off doing what you love for fear that others in your life won’t understand or even worse, they won’t approve? Have you ever made a promise out of love that now intrudes on your happiness and you feel you can’t make a change? And these feelings culminate and are exposed in quiet moments with thoughts of life is whisking you along out of your control for the benefit of others and you are powerless to change it? How would it feel to claim your right to enjoy the life you have now, to pursue your desires now? What if I told you that secret to happiness in your life and the acceptance of those you are trying to please is to be happy. What if I told you that your power is not in anyone else’s hands unless you give it to them. Where have you given your power away? I invite you to imagine how it would feel to be in the fullness of your own power, to take your power back. What does it mean to you to be whole?

“It took me a long, long time to realize we are not meant to be perfect; WE’RE MEANT TO BE WHOLE.” ~Jane Fonda

You are the heroine of your story. You are the author of your life. You are the voice behind your theme song. You are the director of your orchestra. You are the tour guide of your journey. I believe that life happens through you, not to you. You are a creative being with all that you are. Your tools are your thoughts, your words and your actions. You get to choose how you use them as you create your life everyday. I help my clients design the life they want by helping them through a program of self-discovery that helps them recognize who they truly are. I support them in finding and reclaiming their power to be the creative force in their lives. In this moment, right now, you are creating your future. You cannot create in the future nor can you create in the past. You are choosing what you create, right now. The result after working with me is an empowered, new, you. You will unveil a beautiful being who honours her desires, knows what she wants and takes action to create the life she dreams of.

I help my clients to step into their power and to start to look within themselves for answers and for permission instead of outside of themselves. I invite you to find the courage to feel the freedom to say YES to your dreams and to have success in whatever you envision for your life. To discover your personal power and the power of decision when it is followed by action to move forward, especially when choice is coming from your power centre, fueled from who you are at core core, your essence, maybe even from the level of your soul.

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