“Guiding your journey to uncover your true essence”

Patricia is a Co-Active® life coach who is passionate about empowering women who desire a transformation in their lives. She is a guide, a sister, and a cheerleader on your journey to uncover your authentic self and shows you how to use it to create the life you deserve.

Patricia had already transformed her own life personally and professionally in ways that she had not thought possible. She decided she wanted to share what she had learned and wanted to empower other women to transform their own lives.

As a mother, wife, sister, and daughter, Patricia had spent her life putting everyone else first. Like most women, she was so busy nurturing everyone else she neglected her own needs and desires. Through Patricia’s own journey to uncover her true essence and create an authentic life for herself she was able to create visions and strategies to create the life she desired.

Patricia is passionate about life and helping women achieve their goals. With her positive energy, and her ability to inspire trust, she helps her clients overcome restricting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior. Using individually designed coaching strategies she guides them to transform their lives and live the life of their dreams.

Are you ready to uncover your true essence and set your life in motion?

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